Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hanging out in the library

by Jenni

Today I had to spend some time in the library to read some reference books (you know, a little something called "Luther's Works"). Because I'm a mother/commuter student it's sometimes challenging for me to find time to spend in the library, but I was able to adjust my schedule for today.

I love spending time in any library, and this is no different. Luther's library is like a present. See, first you walk in and it's a perfectly lovely library, but it seems really small. There is the check out desk, the periodicals and computers and then the reference room with cubbies, tables, reference books and large windows with lovely views. But that's it. I remember the feeling of disappointment and thinking, "This is it?" the first time I walked in.

Then, out of the way I see it: a door. It's like a magic door. A door to my own personal Narnia. A door to the stacks.

The stacks are seven tight little floors with tiny staircases, each level full of books. I'd never been in a library stacks before and I still feel a little thrill of excitement when I have to go in to find a book. On each floor there are cubbies students can rent. I've always thought I should rent one, just to have a cubby in the stacks. I just don't spend enough time in the library to feel like anything but a book nerd sitting at a cubby for no reason. So no rental ... yet.

Until then, I visit the library like a groupie. Today, I spent several hours in the library reading. To keep me from being distracted (and using my computer instead of reading), I brought along some knitting (I love to knit). Eventually my son joined me after school. I knew he wouldn't love hanging out in the library, but with the Celebration of Biblical Preaching happening on campus today, I wanted to keep him out of the way. Instead I let him play with my computer (we giggled a lot, I hope we didn't disturb too many people actually being quiet in the library today) when his homework was done. He had fun with the camera on my laptop and check out the picture of Patrick, my knitting, Luther and me, above.


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