Thursday, September 02, 2010

Seminary This Fall

by Tim K. Snyder

I know there's a small group of folks who follow this blog who are invested in me and my seminary studies. As of this fall I'll only be taking courses that contribute towards my concentration and thesis areas. That's a relief for me because it means I'll be more focused! Some people who read this blog have also been known to comment when I've bit off more than I can chew so here's what the semester ahead looks like:
Developing a Writing Project  (Prof. Alvin Luedke) // this course is pretty much a research methods course geared towards masters level students planning on writing a thesis in the following spring.
Gospel & Culture (Prof. Gary Simpson & Prof. Marry Hess) // this one is actually a doctoral seminar; this course looks at confessing the Gospel in Word & deed in light of contemporary culture...with an emphasis on digital cultures and the public arena.
Worship & Politics (Prof. Chris Scharen) // this ethics seminar focuses on how worship might confront political systems, injustice, etc.
Independent Study: Theology & the Social Sciences (Prof. Chris Scharen) // a guided reading on anthropology, sociology and critical theory in conversation with theology


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