Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sensing a Trend

by Scott Dalen

I'm starting to sense a trend.

I've been working at the church for two weeks now and today was our first Sunday back in our normal (aka non summer) schedule. Because of this switch, there were quite a few people back at worship today that have been absent for awhile due to attending our drive in worship.

That being said, I assisted in leading worship again this morning at both services including providing a children's sermon. After both worship services were over, or I should say after each worship service, I had couples come up to me and ask a question.

"So are you an intern now?"

The first time, I didn't think about it much...but after the second time it occurred to me that this might be the beginning of something that I might hear quite a bit over the next couple of months. Maybe I'll keep a tally.

Current number-2.


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