Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things Get Done Don't They

by Scott Dalen

My how a busy week can fly by.

Going into this week, I was unbelievably apprehensive about the amount of stuff that I needed to get done both at church as well as for class. Had you asked me the last time I posted on Monday if I thought I would get it all done I probably would have either laughed, or perhaps scowled at you.

But now I find myself sitting here on the couch, Saturday afternoon and somehow its all gotten done. My confirmation preparation got done in time for class on Wednesday. I got all my reading done for both classes. I got my postings done as well. God managed to line up the topic that I was preaching on with a very similar subject in my Lutheran Confessions class, which really helped spark the writing process for the sermon. I went on several visitations this week and manged to get a report written up for CPE. I sit here now, amazed that everything got finished.

Now, as I sit here, I must report that I am alone. My wife's nephew has a birthday party happening today...actually right now as I am writing this. However, as I am preaching for worship in a few hours, and the party is several hours away from home, I stayed home. I talked with a buddy of mine, and we lined it up to play some golf this morning. We always try to play together at least once a year, and as it is now late September, we were running out of time.
Mother nature didn't want to cooperate though, so we found ourselves with 48 degree temps and very windy conditions. That being the case, I thought it only fitting that I pull out one of my favorite accessories. I thought you might all appreciate it.


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