Friday, October 01, 2010

I miss campus

by Scott Dalen

I miss campus. I was last on campus in June, but I got really close last weekend. I was in the Twin Cities with my family for the weekend, and on a whim, we decided to have supper at Mannings, the local pub that we tend to frequent when we are on campus. In the process of heading that way, we were within a half mile of campus, but we didn't go there. It was Saturday night and there wouldn't have been anything going on anyway.

That being said, being that close makes me miss it. I love being on campus. Our intensives as DL students are few and far between...6-7 months at a pop...and that get's pretty long. There are two main reasons that I love campus. One is to be immersed in the "academic." I'm probably more of a "professional student" than I like to admit, or even realize. Because of that, I love being in that mode.

The second reason is because I love the community. Community is a very important aspect of the seminary experience and as DL students, we take this very seriously in the limited time that we have together. When we combine the community aspect of being together as a cohort with the academic aspect minus the distractions of work...I love it there.

Its only the first of October...I've got awhile to wait before I get back on campus again...but after being so close a week ago...I'm sure looking forward to it.


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