Monday, September 06, 2010

New Beginnings

by Scott Dalen

My last posting involved the first day of CPE. Since then I've had a couple more "firsts" and just haven't had a chance to write about them till now.

Last Wednesday was my first day of work at the church as Lay minister. To recap, I'm working at the church to fill an absence in pastoral staff in an interim situation while the church searches for a new associate pastor in the call process. I'm half time there, which also fills out the clinical portion of CPE for me.

Its really exciting to be there. I spent Wednesday working in the main office of the church, but our Leadership Director (also half-time) commented that he very rarely uses his office and he volunteered to give me his space. So as of Thursday, I have an office. That's another first. I've had a desk before, but to actually have an office is a new situation.

I assisted in worship on Sunday, though certainly not the first time, I was I was introduced in my new position by the pastor. That and my name was listed in the bulletin as staff. All in all, pretty exciting.

In other news of new beginnings, the new semester starts tomorrow. At least it technically starts tomorrow, but as per usual, I tend to dive in a day ahead of time. So here we go again. Its time to start wading through the first couple of weeks, establishing the weekly routine. Every semester is different with different classes and different deadlines, and as DL students, we need to figure out how everything is going to fit into the schedule.

Speaking of my fellow DL students, my class is getting far enough into the program that people are going on some slightly different pathways. Everyone is still taking the same core classes, but people are getting in some different classes as well.

My semester looks to be loaded pretty heavily when I view academics on Luthernet, but in actuality its not that drastic. I'm taking the following:

CPE-Extended Unit
Contextual Education-Fall Semester
Lutheran Confessional Writings

I took a look at this week's reading assignment, and was actually surprised at the amount of reading to do for week 1. Usually, reading is a little on the light side, but we've got a pretty decent amount that needs to get done. I guess I better get to it.


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