Tuesday, January 12, 2010


by Scott Dalen

Where has the last day and a half gone? I was blogging, then I blinked and it went from Monday morning to late Tuesday night.

Let's see, what's been going on?

Well, I spent most of the day yesterday in a coffee shop with two fellow DLers. Lisa, who I mentioned in my posting yesterday and Rick. As we did not have class yesterday, we chose to spend time studying as well as just "being" together at this little shop that we discovered on the other side of the U of Minnesota campus. Free wi-fi, tasty coffee, and some really good lunch time choices make for a good day, that partnered up with the joy of spending time with good friends.

My goal, to read 9 chapters of the book Te Deum in preparation for this weeks classes for Church & Music. I did not accomplish my goal, though I did make it through chapters 1-4, there by completing the reading for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hey, it was a good start...I just can't believe that we spent 6 hours there.

Fast forward a couple hours and the last of our cohort (that will be present this semester) made it to campus. Though we are short 2 members this time around, the rest are all present and accounted for. After a presentation by one member regarding a recent trip to the Holy Land, we settled in for supper (with all three cohorts) and the entire DL staff team. The only kicker, the heat seemed to be off in the dining room and I was sitting right next to a window. COLD!!!

After supper, we all congregated in different places around the dorms, enjoying the evening together, knowing full well that we'd be jumping in with both feet this morning. A good night of good conversation, in depth conversation as we shared experiences with the previous semester, cpe, life in general. Of course, what should have been an early night to bed ended up late...again, and for the second night in a row sleep was severely lacking.

But that is my speed here on campus.

Tuesday dawns...unfortunately much later than me...aka...I was up long before the sun.

My first class wasn't slated to start until 9, so about 7:45 I headed across campus to Olsen for my normal breakfast sandwich. "Philly with cheddar please" and don't forget the cup of juice. Funny, because I hardly ever eat breakfast at home.

Long about 8:30 Rick and I decided to head to Gulixson to scope out the room. Sure enough though, we weren't the first one's there. Another cohort member, Christina had already found power strips and gotten the room set up for everyone. I appriciated it so much that I gave her a chuck on the shoulder and decided to sit next to her for class...it worked out well since we are in a work group together...we didn't even have to move.

By the way, this class is Reading the Auidence, our first attempt at a brick and click. Brick meaning in the building (built with bricks right?) and then the click will be online for the first half of spring semester.

Class went well and I also got in on my first chapel experience, having missed it yesterday while at the coffee shop...I am such a yuppie.

After class, we had a brief amount of time to get lunch. I didn't feel like skipping into the alumni lunch half way through, so instead hit the caf and enjoyed a "big sandwich." You make your own...tasty bread which makes it a winner in my boat. I've been craving one since June.

From there it was on to Northwestern and Church & Music. That's going to be a busy one, but I did enjoy the brief time when we were chanting different portions of the liturgy...I wonder what that sounded like to other classes in the building...hopefully good, except for the one line where we all kept getting off key.

Bad chicken right there.

A first for me. I hit the library today. As in, I actually utilized it for its real purpose...and I even checked out a couple books for a paper that I'll be writing. Future tense...I haven't started it yet.

I had to laugh, it only took me 3 intensives to finally make it in there. In 4 years of undergrad work I never used the library. I guess that record has broken hasn't it?

After a wonderful communal meal, in which we enjoyed mule deer, elk, and bear thanks to our resident hunter Scott...not me, keep in mind we travel in pairs...we pretty much all hit the books. I took a call from home. After two and a half days of dad being gone, my kids are getting a little rowdy, so my wife was a little stressed. Put my long drawn out day on top of that, and it wasn't an overly pleasant phone call for either of us.

We'll try it again tomorrow, and I'm sure we'll do a little better this time.

But now it is late. The night owl in me, that won the battle to keep me up late and finish my reading for tomorrow, is getting droopy and I hear bed calling me. I should really answer...tomorrow is going to be another busy one.


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