Thursday, January 07, 2010

Greetings from London!

by Tim K. Snyder

Well after a fairly eventfull travel itinerary I made it to's how it all eventually went down.

4:30p    (Jan.4)Arrived at Reagan National Airport, got to the gate, journaled, grabbed a bite to eat. Wait.
6:30p    Notified the plane from DCA to Newark was delayed. I wouldn't make the connecting flight.
7:12p    Gate Agent makes personal plea on cell to buddy at British Air to get me on a flight that night.
7:30p    Depart DCA for Dulles International Airport via taxi. (without bags)
8:05p    Arrived at Dulles, checked-in, and wait.
9:55p    Boarded AirFrance flight to Paris (always wanted to drop in).
11:20a  (Jan. 5) Arrived in Paris, changed terminals, learned there is no British Air check-in at that terminal...missed connecting flight.
12:30p  Met with British Air people who rebooked me for a 5pm flight. Grabed a bite to eat. Wait.
5:00p    Boarded flight from Paris to London.
5:00p    (time change) Arrived in London, border security, etc.
6:30p    Learned that Continental (who promised when I left DCA that my bag would get there) leaves by 5p as they only have morning arrivals. No bags yet.
8:30p    Arrived at the home of Jonny Baker.
12:30p  (Jan. 6) Woke up, called Continental and left messages about bag.
3:00p    Jumped on the Tube and headed back to Heathrow Airport...tired waiting around.
4:10p    Escorted through back doors and hidden security room (it was weird) to the arrivals area...directed to a corner with LOTS of luggage just sitting there. Found my bag! Back to Jonny's...
5:30p    Back at the host family's for dinner and to the pub for an evening of beers and conversation with folks from Grace.


Anonymous Nina said...

crappy travel log, man. Hope everything else goes really well. :)

1/08/2010 10:15:00 PM  

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