Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Anticipation, both good and bad

by Scott Dalen

I sit here today, pondering with anticipation on two different things.

The first occurs in a few days. I will once again be traveling towards campus for a DL intensive. Sunday afternoon, shortly after lunch, I'll be loading up the truck and making the 3 hour treck towards the twin cities. I'm excited to go...or more so...I'm excited to get there. I'm excited to see my friends and I'm excited to be able to focus on a single thing for a couple weeks. That's a welcome change in the normal pace of work, class, contextual work, and family life. Seriously, do I ever sleep when class is in session...the answer is no, not really.

On the other hand, while I'm excited to arrive on campus, I'm not excited to leave. Leaving home is always difficult. My son is old enough to understand that I'm going to be gone for awhile and he usually get's pretty upset when I'm leaving. Likewise, my wife doesn't like me to be gone either, and that's upsetting as well. Throw into that the largest amount of snow this early in the season for a long time, and I really don't like being gone either. So leaving is tough, in fact it is the toughest part of the whole process.

Speaking of snow, that's the second thing that I'm anticipating. Although as I look out the window, I can see that the snow has started, very lightly at the moment. But the forcast is calling for up to 8 inches of light fluffy snow through tomorrow with wind setting in. Translation...white out...I'm having flashbacks to Christmas.

The fortunately thing is that they are saying that it is supposed to clear through the area by tomorrow afternoon. So hopefully that gives enough time for the plows to get the roads clear by Sunday when I'm ready to road trip. If not, that could certainly put a damper on my travel plans.


Anonymous christina said...

Well put, Scott. I leave Friday morning because I have the opportunity for a two day retreat before intensive begins. I know it is good self-care, and I have been planning on it since August, knowing I would have that time for myself after the whirl of the fall semester and CPE ended. But I am struggling against the urge to spend that time at home, with my family, postpone my flight until Sunday and skate into campus as close to dinnertime as possible.

See you on campus.

1/06/2010 04:12:00 PM  

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