Friday, January 08, 2010

I'm a role model

by Scott Dalen

Okay, judging by that title, one might think that I'm taking a shot at celebreties...actually no...I have a lot of respect for them...well some of them anyway.

I am well known (to a select few) as the man in the orange hat. Case in point, check out the picture.
I have had this hat for a few years, but only in about the past year have I really come to appriciate it and wear it regularly, at least in the winter time.
About three weeks ago, I celebrated the end of the semester by raod tripping a little over an hour and spending the night at one of my buddie's places. He's got a couple of kids, the oldest of which is 9. This particular 9 year old was fascinated by my orange hat. In fact, he went so far as to call it awesome.
I can live with being awesome in the eyes of a 9 year old.
However, that's about where my realm of orange-hatted influence ends...or so I thought.
I was just driving across town for my lunch break and I witnessed many people out with their snow blowers, doing their best to get dug out after the latest episode of "It's Winter Time In Iowa And That Mean's Blizzard" when one guy stuck out to me...rather vibrantly.
He stuck out because of the blaze orange hat that he was wearing.
My first thought, "Hey, he's got a hat like me."
My second thought, "I'm not so sure that's a good thing. I'm the only one that wears an orange hat."
Then I reverted into "Grey's Anatomy" mode.....SERIOUSLY?!?!
And speaking of Grey's Anatomy, I have actually been featured on that show in the past as well. Or at least I like to think I have been.
I have a catch phrase, or actually 2 variations of the same phrase that mean either "good" or "bad." The phrases are "Good chicken" and "Bad chicken." Those that know me well know I use these phrases a lot. So much that during a children's sermon a week ago, I was on the verge of saying "bad chicken" but refrained, and some friends in the congregation asked me about it later...but I digress.
Towards the end of the last season of Grey's, the opening line of the episode was "Good chicken." I nearly fell over...then I realized that the character was actually talking about good tasting chicken, but none the less...I HAD IMPACT ON POPULAR CULTURE!!!!
Maybe I really am a role least in my own mind.


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