Wednesday, August 05, 2009

It's #4 now, for those who are counting (which I am)

by Nina

Bethel Horizons is a camp near Madison, Wisconsin. Trey and I arrived just in time to introduce ourselves and our reason for visiting during the Sunday staff meeting, get a quick drive-by tour and unpack into Suite 1 & 2 of the campground before 2 buses full of children pulled up.Bethel Horizons was having music camp the week we were there. Lots of singing, dancing, and musical instruction happened for these (amazingly talented) young people. Afternoons were often spent at the nearby state park beach. This camp also does a Wet-n-Wild adventure camp, on-site programming and has two pottery studios used for special programming.

Much of our time was spent on the farmhouse deck meeting or visiting with the non-counseling staff. We got to participate and help out in many ways - my favorites were a canoe/tubing trip, random Michael Jackson dance parties, singing whilst helping in the kitchen, music camp concert and the most classic summer camp s'more & music campfire imaginable.

Bethel is a very unique camp tied to what sounds like a very unique congregation in Madison. It was great to see an outdoor ministry site moving in such an evangelical and innovative direction. What a place! Way to go God!


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