Tuesday, August 04, 2009


by Daniel

I accomplished quite a bit yesterday. Today, on the contrary, was completely unproductive. I was planning on doing psalms research, but made a nice detour on the way to the campus library. I stopped at the Finnish Bistro right off of campus to attempt to get a turtle muffin. What could be a better combination than chocolate, caramel, and nuts? Unfortunately, they were out of said muffins but had a delicious, chocolate cake muffin that did the trick. It was basically a cupcake. I did a bit of research while I enjoyed the delightful muffin – and made my way to our campus library. What a great detour!

It was as if the universe itself wasn’t allowing me to get work done today! Earlier in the library – the magnetic doors slammed shut and the fire alarms started blaring with their cacophonous squeals. Everyone promptly evacuated. When I got back into the library I tried to do as much work as possible, but wasn’t able to focus. Bah! It was quite the detour.

And speaking of detours: has anyone noticed an increasingly greater number of University of Phoenix Online advertisements? I suspect that this is due to the economic recession. Just like any big business, UOP seems to be taking advantage of the jobless who are desperately trying to return to school to become more marketable candidates for jobs. Call me bombastic, but I just about threw up when I saw that you can get they actually offer doctoral degrees. I could be wrong – but it sounds like a “money pit” to me.

Regardless, I wish you a wonderful evening. Be productive. Be smart. Take care.



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