Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The shape of things to come

by Daniel

This has been quite the week. Where has it gone? So far so good: Sonia got a job as a third grade teacher and I was offered an opportunity to be an international visiting lecturer. Things are looking good!

Well, here’s the rub: my hometown church in Wabasha has been searching for a minister for a long, long time. I was confirmed in junior-high – and that’s the last time that my church has had a non-interim minister for more than a hand full of years. This isn’t at all bad: we have been blessed to experience the gifts of many, many individuals who have been called to share God’s word. The current interim is an excellent minister. But I fondly remember the minister who confirmed me as a member of the United Church of Christ. He and his family were originally from the Philippines and brought some incredible cultural insights to our small, sheltered town. They were very involved in the community and were continually in the public eye: in both the school and church. Moreover, they were close family friends. I was snooping around the net and decided to do a search for the good reverend to see if I could find out where he ended up. It turns out that they moved back to the Philippines. He became the senior pastor of a church in the Philippines and was a faculty member at a seminary. I sent him a random email a few days ago letting him know that I was in seminary and that I was a looking at doctoral programs. I didn’t even know if he would get it. To my surprise he and his wife contacted me and let me know about their whereabouts – and that they might be able to get me a stint as an international lecturer at a seminary in the Philippines. Sounds great, right? I am not sure about all of the details, but I will be sure to keep everyone informed. Well, I best get back to my studies. I hope you have a wonderful night. Take care.



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