Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time for a change

by Scott Dalen

Well, its finally official.

This week is my final one at my old job as a trucking broker before I take my leave of absence to focus on CPE and working at the church. All in all, it was a pretty good week. One of the best weeks that I've had since the first of the year. Things went very smoothly and I was able to accomplish a lot in preparation for next week when a co-worker takes over for me.

At least, it all went pretty smoothly until about lunch time yesterday. I had one truck that was really delaying things in terms of the final pickup that I needed to worry about. I ended up fighting that truck all afternoon, staying at the office about 90 minutes longer than I expected to when I went in yesterday morning, and in the end, the truck arrived about 2 horus too late to get loaded yesterday.

Now fortunately, all was not lost as the loaders were also working this morning. But I was annoyed as it delayed my "completion" about 14 hours. But sometimes that's life. You wouldn't have known it from my mood last night though...admittedly, I was grouchy because of this whole deal.

But, fast forward to 7:45am this morning. I called my driver. He was at the shippers, checked in and just waiting to load.

I hung up the phone.

My arms went in the air. I am done.

My first official duty as lay actually unofficial, because technically I don't start until Wednesday. however, I have a short meeting this morning with another confirmation teacher to discuss how we are going to split up some teaching duties for this fall. That's actually happening in about an hour.

Also, the pastor is gone for the weekend (has been since Thursday) so I'm on call for any pastoral emergencies. Although so far nothing has happened and I haven't gotten called. So maybe that's a moot point.

But long story short...I'll quote the late Heath Ledger

And here...we....go


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