Friday, August 06, 2010


by Scott Dalen

As I think about my life "at Luther," I am reminded that living life is an important part of that.

So this posting is about something totally unrelated to my least...almost entirely. I would say that it is about 99.3% unrelated.

I'm on the verge of family vacation. As I look at the clock, I'm approximately 4-5 hours away from freedom for a week. No work, no class, no nothing and I'm very excited. One thing that I've discovered over the past two years, is that this journey through the DL program is exhausting and a real vacation is very welcome. Its also very needed.

For the last 3 years, we have gone to Rainbow Trail Lutheran Bible camp just outside of a little hole in the wall called Hillside, CO for family camp. The kids were 3 and 1 the first time we went and this will be our 4th time out there. Its a great trip in the Southern Colorado mountains. This time around, some friends of ours are coming along with us which will be an interesting change.

So that being said, I'll be offline for the next week, so my apologies to the faithful readers of Life at Luther, but I won't be posting anything.

But I're probably wondering where the 0.7% connection to Luther is. Well, the fact that its family camp is the start, and I usually end up giving a short devotion at a campfire which could almost be considered a sermon...almost. The other connection is that there is a musician that is there for family camp every year, and I'm setting up a time this fall when he is going to be the guest musician at my home church. Which is sorta like contextual work...way in advance.

Maybe I should drop that percentage to about 0.05%. That might be a little more accurate.

Look for me again in about a week and a half...give or take a day.


Blogger Grandma Rose, PS said...

I know Hillside! A post office and a pony (well horse, but pony sounded better).

My daughter, Melissa, worked on retreat staff (the non-summer camping months) and Travel Director (during the summer - but, well, traveling) - maybe 2005 or 2006.

We vacationed in Breckenridge the week between her two jobs that year. Very fun! Enjoy your time!!!

8/06/2010 02:25:00 PM  

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