Monday, August 02, 2010

Forgotten Blessings

by Scott Dalen

A few months back I got an email from my synod office saying that they had recommended me to a synod congregation that participates in a program they call "adopt a seminarian." Now, before you have visions of me dressed up like Little Orphan Annie, let me explain what this program looks like.

Essentially, they come to think of the seminarian as one of their own. They support the seminarian with prayer and encouragement in addition to financial support. Apparently this has been going on for them off and on for a few years, but their last seminarian didn't work out so well as they had ended up dropping out of seminary.

Anyways, the congregation was looking for another seminarian to adopt and my name was on the list. The process was fairly simple. In a nutshell, they asked me to send an email to the congregational president talking a little bit about myself as well as my calling into ministry. I did so and sent it off...easy enough. The president replied back to me that they would vote on my "status" at their June council meeting. That happened while I was on campus a month and half back. I did get a message back saying that they had decided to adopt me and that they would be in touch.


Time passed. After awhile, I received an email with an adoption covenant from the congregation. I filled it out and sent it off. At that point, I'll be honest, I kinda forgot about the whole deal as I didn't hear anything more about it for least until late last week.

I received notice back from the congregation inviting me to visit along with my family sometime within the next few weeks. Talk about a memory refresher. I can tell I've had other stuff on my mind the past couple months to have completely blanked out on this whole situation, but rest assured I see it as a blessing.

In addition to the invitation from the council president, I also received an email from the pastor of the congregation inviting me to participate in the worship service in some capacity. Really about all I wanted to do. Everything from reading the lesson up to preaching and helping with communion. I responded back that I would be happy to assist in the worship, but I was going to refrain from preaching.

We are going to visit the congregation on August 22nd, but that is the weekend directly following our return from vacation. We leave this Saturday and will return on Sunday the 15th. I'll be spending the following week playing catch up after being gone for a week and also in starting to train/transition some of my work stuff over to the coworker that will take over for me when I take my leave of absence in a few weeks. Because of all this, I think that week leading up to us visiting the congregation will be pretty busy and I doubt I will have time to prep a sermon.

So, there are some big things looming. Vacation next week, which I am so ready for. A visit to the congregation (which includes a 2.5 hour drive, each way...ugg) and then moving into the fall and all the changes that come along with that.

Blessings abound with the busy-ness. I just need to remember to look for it.


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