Thursday, July 29, 2010

Make Up Work, Better Late Than Never

by Scott Dalen

Sometimes we keep records that we don't even realize that we kept.

I got an email yesterday from a parent checking up on a class that their daughter started but didn't complete. As I was the teacher for said class, I was the go to person with the question. I started my research at the church yesterday, looking through the attendance sheets in the confirmation file. As it turned out, the student in question took a portion of the class (2 of the 5 class periods) back in the spring of 09. This was far enough gone that we didn't actually have the attendance sheets, only a list that indicated that she needed to make up 2 periods worth of homework to get credit for the class.

I emailed the parent back to have her ask the student if she could remember what religions she remembered sitting in on (as the class is World Religions). I got a reply back a little while later with an idea, but not a sure thing.

So then last night after doing some yard work, putting the kids to bed, and starting up laundry, I sat down at the computer to try and figure out what to put together...a year after the fact mind you...and something I was a little frustrated about...but better late than never I guess. As it turns out, I had the attendance lists on the laptop at home...not quite sure how that happened, but it did. Based on that, I was able to figure out which class periods she had missed. It turns out she missed Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

So my brain started sparking off and I had a plan. I listed out the questions that I normally cover for each religion, and since she only needed to do 2 of the 3, I utilized the answers for Christianity as an example to help guide her research. I was pretty proud of myself. It came together very nicely and after about 15-20 minutes of work (pretty minimal if I say so myself) I had her make up work ready to go and I emailed it off.

Today I got a reply back saying that I forgot to attach the homework.



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