Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cooking and a Really Big Meeting

by Scott Dalen

So last night, Mr Mom duties included me cooking. I'll admit it, the two previous nights, I slacked. Got pizza. It was awesome. But last night I had the time, and apparently the I made enchilada's.

And for some reason, I felt the need to document it visually.

Step 1-Brown the hamburger...93% lean...just add salt and pepper...proper seasoning is important.Step 2-Add the sauce (yes it is out of a can, there are limits to what I can do) and cheese...mix into warm gooey goodness.Step 3-Spoon the gooey mixture into the tortillas and wrap them up. Step 4-Cover with sauce and more shredded cheese to create wonderful coloration...and epic amounts of gooey-ness.Step 5-Cook at 375 for 18 minutes...warm melty goodness.Step 6-Chow down.

It was great.

However, in other news, actual important news. I met with the trustees board last night to discuss CPE this fall, as well as the future beyond that. I felt pretty good about the meeting. They seemed very open to the possibility, but with the dust still flying around following our big vote a few weeks back, they are hesitant to commit to much.

I understand that. I really do.

But long story short, I talked about my situation coming up as well as the discernment that I'm doing with moving into ministry or into full time school, which they appreciated hearing. We talked about things for awhile, all in all, I was there for about an hour (though we weren't discussing me the entire time) and then I headed out.

We had laid out a time table, and I said that really, things are contingent on my interview for CPE coming up on the 26th, but really, that's more of a formality. But I said that it would be good to know their decision by the first of August so that I have enough time to make plans.

I left not expecting to hear anything right away. I thought it could easily be a couple weeks before I heard anything back. I got home and talked to my wife about the meeting. After that I sacked out for a bit, figuring that I would be going to bed pretty early. Then the phone rang. The trustees offered me half time compensation for the duration of CPE.

This is a good thing...It was more than I expected, though admittedly less than I had hoped for.

Now the decision becomes whether or not to let my job go and focus on school stuff. Or do I continue working and kill myself for a few months? And what about January...what happens then?

Long story short, I was, at that point, wide awake and my mind was going crazy. Of course I couldn't get a hold of my wife at that point. But I needed to talk to someone, so I got a hold of my brother and just vented for awhile. It wasn't coherent, and it wasn't organized. I just ranted.

We talked for awhile about things and he ended up telling me "You're called to something bigger and you know it." That was huge for him to say, and it meant a lot. It helped me feel a lot better about things too.

So, now I'm one step closer. But things are really on hold until my interview in a week and a half.

Deep breath.


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