Friday, July 30, 2010

Once Again

by Scott Dalen

We've hit that time order time.

I have no idea where July has gone. It seems like I just submitted my final posting for my summer class about 2 days ago, but its been almost a month already. That means that the fall semester is rapidly approaching.

On a whim, I logged onto the bookstore's website to check and see if the fall book lists have been posted yet. Sure enough, they are. Now typically, I tend to wait until I get the syllabus from the professors, or in the very least an email with the book lists before I make my order, but this time around I decided to take a risk and trust that the lists on the website are correct. Mainly because I've got a vacation coming up that could potentially put a monkey wrench in the works.

The past couple years, I have been on vacation during the first week of August. This leaves me with 3 weeks after returning to get my order in and have the books shipped to me. Plenty of time. However, this year, vacation is a week later than normal. Namely, I'm not off at the end of today, but I have one more week left before I head out for a week of no responsibility.

For some reason, a 2 week window seems to tight for me (as opposed to a 3 week window). I think its likely that the emails from professors will start going out over the course of the next week or so, but in the off chance that they don't show up until I'm gone, I wanted to get the order out of the way.

So I logged in a little bit ago, put together my book list, and shot an email off to the bookstore. If things go as normal, I'll likely get a book either in the mail or by UPS at some point next week.

We've still got a month before class starts...but here we go again.


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