Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm back

by Scott Dalen

As they say, all good things come to an end. Such is the case with vacation.

Out trip out to Colorado was wonderful, but as with all vacations, too short. There was a lot of driving each way. Right about 900 miles each direction, spread over the course of two days of driving.

Some highlights: There are many. Wonderful experiences with the staff and the other families. Seeing my son really break out of his shell and not be overly clingy while at camp. Making some great connections with various pastors from all over the country. The FOOD!!!

An interesting thing did happen about midway through the week. I was in the middle of a volleyball game and looked around. I saw a guy that looked strangely familiar. My first thought was that it was Gordy...aka Gordan Sandquist, a member of Cohort 1. But it couldn't be. He's from Minnesota, why would he be in Colorado? Much less at the camp where I happened to be. But after looking at him over and over for about 30 minutes, my game finished up and sure enough, it was Gordy. Turns out he's already started his internship in Colorado and he was there to see an old friend (who was at camp with his family). So I guess I can't even go to extremely remote portions of the Colorado mountains without running into someone from Luther...crazy.

Some lowlights: 14 hours of driving each direction. Finally listening to my wife while driving past the Royal Gorge in southern Colorado and going to see it, only to find out that they've made a tourist trap out of a natural landmark that would have cost us about $90 to see. Attempting to do a hike that I really had no business attempting and causing some pretty major blisters on both feet.

I could go into great detail about the week, but I think I'll refrain from that. I'll just say that it was a wonderful trip and a much needed time to reconnect with my family after another crazy year.

In other news, two weeks from now I'll be at my first session of CPE, and the next day I start my interim position at the church.


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