Thursday, September 17, 2009

see some theatre

by Amber

Oh wow...last night was an eye candy taste-fest! Mary Poppins was playing at the Orpheum, so Kevin got tickets and took me on a date! What a show it was! Colorful, great dancing, two incredibly strong leads, people flying in the air, costumes, adorable children, and surprise magic! Don't let this year go by without seeing some theatre! The old theatres in the Hennepin Theatre District are worth looking at. Old chandeliers, plaster work, and just plain cool buildings! Most students would say it's too expensive to see a show. Here are some ways to save on tickets:

1. Pick up your tickets at the theatre rather than going through ticket master. This will save up you to $12 per ticket on processing fees.
2. Public Rush Line tickets at the Guthrie are only $15, and the building is open all the time. You can go in for FREE and look around. Some amazing views from their outdoor balcony!
3. Stand outside the theatre the night of the show and cry until someone buys you a ticket.

Do what you have to do to see a show! MSP is the place to be for great theatre! Consider this your preview: Cats, Mamma Mia!, Dream Girls, and The Wizard of Oz are coming! Check it out!


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