Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept. 11 with Prof. Jürgen Moltmann

by Tim K. Snyder

It is the first week of class and I'm well, not on campus. Since Tuesday I have been spending time with old and new friends at the 2009 Emergent Theological Conversation with Jürgen Moltmann -- perhaps the most prominent living theologian of the 2oth century.

While today many reflect on the remembrance of this day just eight years ago, we would do well to also remind ourselves of the bite of the Gospel message. Moltmann reminds that it is only in the suffering of the Crucified God that we can be fully human and that our only viable response is resurrection future-hope that God will make all things new.

I'm going to take a risk here. It has been said that the events of Sept. 11 "changed everything" for my generation. The rhetorical impact is obvious, but it is not true. Only God can make all things new. Our hope is in future kingdom that is here and at the same time not yet.

In just a few minutes many of us here in Chicago will take a few minutes at the microphone to give thanks for the life, witness and theology of Prof. Moltmann. It's been a bit surreal, but it's been a deeply provocation time here.


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