Saturday, September 12, 2009

Schedule in some fun

by Scott Dalen

Where in the world did the first week of the semester go? Seriously. I realize that it was a four day week (YAY HOLIDAYS!!!), but it went by quick.

I'm trying to remember how the whole work/school/contextual thing works, and so far so good. However, if I've learned anything in the year I've been a sem student, its to take week 1 with a grain of salt. Things get trickier, but then eventurally you get int a routine and even though its hectic and crazy, it's manageable. But still, as I sit here on a Saturday night watching Jeff Foxworthy on Comedy Central, I ponder on the reality of the semester. Class work, minimal, yet time consuming at the same time. Contextual work for the week, mostly minimized to sermon prep. Throw all that in with a normal work week and I'm dragging.

However, as I ponder on it all, I'm reminded that God is good. Energy may be lacking...the temper may be a little shorter than normal, but somehow He helps us to get it all done. So in the midst of all the crazyness, remember to schedule in a little fun too. Find the joy in the day. Even if its in listening to someone say "You might be a redneck."


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