Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rolling with the punches

by Scott Dalen

Today was my one Sunday of the month when I act as lay minister to a small country church located about 8 miles outside of town. I've been doing it montly for a little over a year and always enjoy it. The congregation is not huge, if we manage 15 people in the pews, we've got a pretty good crew. Today was certainly no different as I had about 8 or 9.

There were two kickers today though. The first is that I'm fighting what is either a very fast (not to mention early) cold that set in yesterday. That's got the voice a little strained. Not terrible, but not at full strength either. And it should be stated that there is no p.a. system in this church. The only microphone is a pair of lungs in this pulpit. The second kicker is caused by the fact that World Famous Clay County Fair (the worlds oldest county fair) started this weekend. That usually makes the church crowd a little thinner, but it also caused the organist to be absent.

In all the times I've been there, we've always had the organist. And I've lived in fear each and every time that she wouldn't show up and I'd be stuck trying to lead the singing sans music. Well, today, that's exactly what happened...with the weak voice no less. But I have to admit, it went okay. The people there were willing to roll with the punches and so we spoke the vast majority of the service. Though we did manage to sing through two verses of the first song which we all knew well.

All in all, it was a really good service. We were casual and lowkey, but God was still given glory and praise in the service. So what's the lesson? Be careful what you allow yourself to be scared of, because God will choose what you think to be the wost possible time to show you that your fears are unfounded.


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