Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thank You!

by Margaret Obaga

The need for and value of community is something that continually amazes me. In particular, situations that require community help and support, the best of Luther community’s hospitality and friendship become evident. What I am trying to say is, the Luther community has been and continues to be supportive to its members in many and varied ways, with my own family and I being the grateful recipients of such support more recently. My son, Robert as some know, was taken ill while playing soccer. He suffered a cardiac arrest but now is well and gradually getting into regular routine of life. I want to say that we are most grateful for our community at Luther whose members went out of their way to make my family comfortable in the midst of much discomfort and worry. Thank you!

This community sent mails, made telephone calls and paid home and hospital visits to support and be present with us. This community took telephone messages, kept us fed and well rested despite the many visits. This community prayed for us and let us know that they were indeed, praying for us. I do really value their praying with us, and most of all praying for us. Although it is part of our biblical tradition to pray for one another at all times irrespective of situations, it makes much sense and is most powerful that someone can pray for you when you are not in a position to pray, like I was. I was simply frozen with worry and anxiety that the act of praying became impossible at certain times. It was during those times when someone visited or even phoned and said a prayer with me, that I like one in stupor, responded and said “Amen” with the praying faithful.

Through my son’s experience I am reminded of how traumatic experiences can and do, indeed, paralyze one’s mental and other faculties, and how incapacitating this can be. It is in such situations of crisis and anxiety that “God could someone like you.”

And so, to the community at Luther we say, Thank you very much! Keep up with the good you are doing.


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