Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Discernment: Part Deux

by Daniel

I love Panera Bread (aside from the multitude of asinine “social laptop writers” who seem to think they have to type in public in order to make it look like they’re actually accomplishing something). Why Panera? It’s delicious. There’s also no better way of “breaking bread” with someone than actually breaking bread. This morning I met the interim minister for my home congregation at Panera. I graciously accepted a free chipotle chicken sandwich (though I tried again and again to pay for both of our lunchables). Rev. Dennis Glad is a retired minister, but is currently serving as interim minister for the Wabasha United Church of Christ. He's a great guy. Needless to say we talked it up about our call, seminary, parish, and teaching experiences. Time slipped by pretty quickly, but I managed to put all of my figurative cards on the table. I want to get back on track with ordination (not as an ala cart option if my doctoral applications are denied) in order to teach at a seminary someday – or preach in chapel while teaching at a college or university. So—there’s much work to be done, money to be spent, and time...time...time to be used productively and resourcefully. This call…this…“fire in the belly” doesn’t go away with Pepto-Bismol.

If you’re reading this—I wish you a wonderful night.


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