Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Poets-Prophets-Preachers 09

by Jeni

My mind is still swelling from all of the insights and mind-blowing, heart rendering moments.

High-Lights, in a particular order:

1. This line, from Pete Rollins re denying the resurrection:

I deny the resurrection every time I turn my back on the poor or become a cog in a system of injustice.
Seriously, Pete broke open the gospel this week and I'm still recuperating (as if!).

2. The Mars Hill Worship band using Arcade Fire music (Keep the Car Running and Rebellion [Lies]) interspersed with traditional hymns.

3. Rob Bell using Abraham Heschel in his prayers:
  • Heschel: I didn't ask for success, I asked for wonder, and you gave it to me.
  • Bell: we don't ask for success but for wonder, God
4. This video:

The song, by the way, is "Funeral" by Band of Horses from the album Everything All the Time. They played the album almost non-stop for a couple of days.

need another video to "come down" from this one? Check out this one.

Song: One Day Like This
Artist: Elbow

Grace and Peace.


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