Sunday, June 28, 2009


by Daniel

This week has been quite the week. Yikes! Sonia, Cooper, and I moved to our new apartment (albeit in the same apartment complex). It was a smooth move, but wasn’t quite what I had expected. Why? Well, I must back up for a moment. I am what one would call a “high strung” person. Seminary is stressful—don’t you agree? The start of seminary three years ago brought a lot of change in my life: new classes, teachers, friends, and relationships. I was not the “college boy” that I once was. Something else changed in my life: I started having crippling panic attacks. The attacks used to happen on rare occasions of elevated stress, but then started happening out of the blue. I finally decided to talk to someone about my anxiety (which is quite cathartic) about a month ago. She recommended that I start on some anti-anxiety medication until I can build enough confidence to stop my panic attacks on my own. And what does this have to do with moving? We were supposed to move on Tuesday. I started a medication regime on Monday, but had a violent allergic reaction to it. I spent all of Tuesday morning writhing in agony on my bathroom floor: dry heaving, with “the spins,” completely unable to sleep for the big moving day (for almost 24 hours!) Yikes! It was rather unpleasant, but with the help of a good seminary buddy and his girlfriend I was able to move (despite being incredibly sick from the meds). I stopped taking the medicine and got a hold of my physician. I almost would rather just suck it up and deal with the panic attacks than go through that allergic reaction again. So—the new place is pretty great. I’ll upload some pictures soon. I still have some unpacking to do, but I wanted to squeeze in a post before the weekend was over. I sincerely wish you all a wonderful evening.



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