Sunday, July 05, 2009

Celebrating July 4th

by Margaret Obaga

It was exciting to join hundreds of people from Luther community in the parade to celebrate July 4th. Being my first time to participate in the parade, I was curious to see and experience the whole event to my satisfaction. So, I joined in the procession from Luther's Gullixon side overlooking St. Antony church, and proceeded to the Langford park , a mile away from Luther. Music accompanied the various organizations and institutions in the parade. They represented various societal values which, I believe, are of interest and concern to the people in America. In the parade were those in support of the Green earth, end of Iraq war and to bring safely home troops from foreign lands, Elementary education, special education, music at schools and banking to name a few. The policy makers graced the occasion and the State representative made a little speech.
The whole experience brought wonderful memories on how my country of origin celebrates its independence day. Much pomp and festivity mark the independence day in my country. Music telling the nation's story dominates the celebrations. Stories of the nation's life are retold to the young and old who are reminded to forgive those who interfered with our historical heritage. Imperative is the aspect of not forgetting where we have come from lest we repeat history of oppression and marginalization of the weak and poor.These stories are meant to enlighten society for better value system. Often times, a nation's norms could be viewed differently from different angles. Whatever the approach, the lives of citizenry tend to be the axis upon which these approaches revolve. And so my day ended with the resolve that 'doing justice and walking humbly before the Ground and source of all Being,' is my preferred option to a nation's value system.


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