Thursday, July 09, 2009

Catch up

by Daniel

I can still remember a poster slogan from my ninth grade home room algebra class; “Keep up with your homework! It’s no fun playing catch up!” If I remember correctly--it had some silly personified math book with legs being chased by a cartoonish young man. How strange. I can also recall how I used to actually have to play “catch up” in algebra class. It wasn’t remotely exciting. I'm still scared of math.

Well, this upcoming weekend I will be revisiting some “homework” that is in need of desperate attention. I will be taking the GRE soon and will need to review for my KAPLAN class (which begins in two weeks). I also need to complete my Word and World book review. On top of that –I also have to submit my independent research proposals and abstracts to some of our OT professors. What good is research if no one wants to work with you?

It’s not all school related “homework” though. Sonia, Cooper, and I moved into our new apartment a couple of weeks ago. I can’t stand throwing things away (someone else can use my "stuff"), so there are still a few things that we need bring to Goodwill (does anyone want a tall IKEA lamp?) The place is just about perfect, but Sonia wants to paint an accent wall in the living room. Because of this – we’ve still got some boxes scattered here and there. It should be home soon enough. So – I’ve got some catching up to do. I suppose I should start with my “catch up” tonight while I have time. I wish you a wonderful evening. Stay busy and have a great weekend.


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