Sunday, October 17, 2010

Greetings from the other Jenny

by Jenny


My name is Jenny Pietz, and this will be my first time blogging, ever—no Facebook or anything of the sort, so I am excited about trying something new!

I am a Master of Divinity student at Luther, starting my second year. I wish I could say that I’m from somewhere exciting like Sweden, but alas, I live in a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis—St. Louis Park. That makes me a commuter student, which gives me the best of both being fairly close to campus life, as well as being able to go home at the end of the day.

One unique perspective I will hopefully bring to Life@Luther is that of a non-Lutheran student at Luther. I do not identify myself with a specific denomination, so I have a hard time responding to the question, “What denomination are you?” I like to say that I’m a Christian who is working with a group called Converge Worldwide. The next question is often, “so why did you come to Luther and not go to Bethel? (Bethel is another local seminary affiliated with Converge). My first response is that I wanted a challenge. I believe my views and theology will best develop in a diverse environment that provides a perspective other than what I get at church, or in other ministries I have been a part of. Looking back at my first year at Luther, I can see how much I have learned and definitely know I am where God wants me to be.

My goal upon finishing seminary is to be a pastor, and hopefully go on to further studies. I am passionate about teaching in the church, with the aim of helping people discover their own gifts and call in service to God, each other, and the world. I spent the past 5 years working with a local Hispanic congregation, and hope that I can continue to participate in ministries that bridge different cultures with the Gospel.

When asked my hobbies, my first thought was, “what hobbies? I’m in seminary!” That’s not to say that there is not life outside of classes at Luther in general, but rather reflects my nerdy-ness—I really do like to study things like the Bible and Greek. I am a full-time student, so it’s nice that what I do each day is something I’m really passionate about it. When I’m not studying, I enjoy spending time with friends, being out in nature, travel, and photography.

Well, that’s my brief introduction. More to come soon…


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