Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Step

by Scott Dalen

For those of you that have been following me, you know that I'm in the process of transferring up to the cities in preparation for a new job for my wife and full time school for me. This weekend my wife and I headed up to the cities for 3 different reasons.
The first reason was to go to the funeral of my aunt that has been fighting cancer for the past two years. It was a hard day, but not an unexpected one. As difficult as that day was, I also think it was a bit of a relief as we've all been worried about her for a long time. Now her fight is over and she's home with Jesus.
The second reason that we went was that this was my wife's birthday weekend. Typically we get together with my sister and her husband and visit a bunch of wineries. Its a fun way to celebrate her birthday, but this year we skipped the wineries because we had other business to attend to.
This brings up the third reason, house hunting. We had a couple leads on potential places to look at to live when we make the big jump north. We checked those out, as well as a batch of other locations as well...all in all, we probably looked at a dozen different condos, townhouses, and apartments.
Finally in the end, we did find a townhouse that we both really liked. So we'll be settling in the north part of Plymouth. Its very handy for my wife who will only be a couple miles from work. My commute will of course be a little longer, but if I can manage to avoid traffic, I should be able to make the drive in about 30 minutes each day. For the Twin Cities, that's really not too bad.
Additionally, over the course of the weekend, the sign went up in the yard at home. So the house is officially on the market now. Additional good news...I got a call today from a Realtor that wants to show the house on Thursday morning already. Hopefully the people looking like what they see and put in an offer.



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