Sunday, June 13, 2010


by Amber

Today was the first of three showers for Kevin and I. We can’t even begin to express our thanks to the people who care enough about us to put sooo much effort into throwing us these amazing parties! We are so grateful. This was the first official wedding event we’ve had. It all became really real that in less than 3 months, we’ll be married, and leaving the country. Wow…where has the time gone?

My sister Holly (my matron of honor), my mom Sue, and her friend Alice Hoffman put their heads and hearts together to dream up a shower in Worthington and invited all my favorite hometown, and out of town ladies to make the day extra special. Early during the shower, each woman had a chance to introduce who she was and say how she knew me or tell a funny story. It was then that I realized there were women there from every chapter of my life. Some of them were there when I was born. Some of them taught me in elementary school, or knew me through their children in high school. Others met me in college classes, one was my boss, all were dear friends. There seemed to be a thread throughout most of their stories: singing and shopping. I do believe those are my spiritual gifts, you know.

Games. Every shower has them. A quiz about Kevin…I did better than I anticipated. I now know his favorite food is chicken (who knew!), he hates Wendy’s (sooo sad), and he wanted to be the president of the United States as a child. I wouldn’t put him out of the running yet for that one: he’d be great!

Presley, Madison, and Mersaydes were there eating treats, being adorable, and came running when it was time to open presents! Wow, were there a lot of presents. It was overwhelming. Good thing Presley was there to do most of the unwrapping. Kitchen utensils, bowls, an ironing board, crock pot, the most amazing “Bergeson” tile sign (from my sister–she has one and knew how much I love hers!), a dishcloth cross-stitched by my late Grandma Marten, cupcake decorators and carriers, pyrex, awesome bath towels, cookbooks, picture frames, food choppers, even some pampered chef goodness! When Kevin showed up in Worthington to see all the wonderful gifts, we agreed, “WOW, we are blessed!” Thanks so much to Holly, mom, and Alice for their kindness and creativity at the shower. It was a wonderful celebration, and a great excuse to get dressed up and have fun!


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