Tuesday, June 08, 2010

An Odd Feeling

by Scott Dalen

I have a strange sense about me this week. Sunday night...the vast majority of the DL students descended upon Luther Seminary, but I was not among them. For the first time in two years, I'm not on campus at the start of the intensive.

Some of my classmates won't be on campus at all this summer. Others are already there and will be leaving after this week. Some of us are arriving later on. I fall into that last group. The class that I'm taking this summer meets on campus during the second week of the intensive, so I won't be showing up until Sunday afternoon and will be jetting out the following Friday.

Yesterday it was very easy to tell that class was in session based on the multitude of activity on Facebook. I also received a message from one of the guys in Cohort 1 (a year ahead of me) asking where I was. We like to pick on each other, and ironically are in the same work group in this summer class. I think he was missing the opportunity to spook me in the dorm, which is what prompted the question.

Fear not Chip...I'll be there in a few more days.

Countdown to campus...5 days.


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