Monday, June 07, 2010

no pants?

by Amber

I was recently doing a wedding outside Chicago and was struck to see a sign posted upon entering the church "All women must wear skirts inside the church!" Luckily I was wearing a dress (which I usually don't do), and didn't notice it until the church women greeted a bridesmaid by saying, "What do you think you're doing wearing pants up in here?" So much for "Welcome to our church, please come as you are!" A few women had to run to a local store and buy skirts, and those who wouldn't go guy one had to be wrapped in a cloth made to look like a skirt. The other young women in the bridal party spent the rehearsal dinner talking about how ridiculous their rules were, and makes them never want to step foot in a church. That was a missionary Baptist church. What are our Lutheran rules that might be keeping people from coming inside or coming back?


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