Friday, June 04, 2010

about to die...

by Amber

I’m writing this blog entry from somewhere over Wisconsin. I have no idea how high in the air I am. The pilot never mentioned that. Probably because he knew how terrified all the passengers were after take-off and figured it wasn’t worth the small talk.

I think it’s safe to say I had a near death experience today.

During take off, our plane began wobbling from side to side like the pilot was jerking the steering wheel. Some little alarms began going off, but I never know what those beeping noises mean. I was seated only three rows from the back, the engine was right under us, and it was loud. The noise didn’t help matters. Once we hit the air, within seconds, we dipped drops I swear were close to ten feet. My knuckles were white as my left hand gripped the armrest. With each drop, my reflex was to say, “Geez” out loud. I was scared; I couldn’t help it. Finally, I found myself with my hands clasped together tightly praying. I can’t remember the last time I prayed that hard. My fear escalated to the point that I began praying for the safety for my family after I died.

I definitely fell into the category of: “I pray more often in crisis than I do in good times.”

Within 10 minutes, we were high enough that the jerking stopped. Interestingly, so did my prayers. I busted out my laptop, worked on a few odd projects, and didn’t think about my prayers until we began our descent (only 35 minutes later on a short flight to Milwaukee) and the same nightmare I had experienced earlier reoccurred. Wobbling, shaking, swaying, dipping, “Geez”ing, and praying. God, thanks for the reminder that the praying should’ve continued that whole flight not simply when I thought I was going to die. Equally, my prayers day to day need to be continual, not only when I feel the world crushing down on me.


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