Sunday, June 13, 2010

Strange Feeling Gone

by Scott Dalen

The time 2:40pm central standard time...the location...this awesome place called Java Train.

At that time and place...the odd feeling that I've had for the last week went away. Yes, other DL students have been on campus for a week already and I was home.

Things have changed.I left home about 11:45 this morning, having packed up the truck and road tripped my little heart out. Odd side note...I never stop while driving to the cities by myself, but today I had to. It must have been the water I was drinking, but after about 2 hours I really had to go to the bathroom.

Okay...side note over.

Here's the weird thing...although I have driven past campus, I haven't actually stopped there yet. I wanted to get right to the coffee shop for two reasons. One is that several of my friends were there.

See evidence here.
Disregard the slightly dorky look on my took a long time to take the picture...also disregard the evidence of my nasty farmer, I have not been to the beach this year.

Reason number two is because the food is awesome, and after only having a bowl of cereal for lunch...I was pretty well starving. One panini and chips later (did I just mix a singular and plural word in the same phrase?), I am feeling much better.

Now I suppose I should actually do some homework. But before I do, I must mention that my good friend Lisa reminded me that in January, I posted my first "on campus" blog from this same location...well, technically it was about 5 feet to my immediate right...but who's counting...The awesome thing is that she referenced When Harry Met which I just responded with a reference to Tommy Boy.

Not here...and not here so much...but right here.

Yes is official...the countdown is over...Finally the Scott has come back to Luther Seminary...and apparently that makes him speak about himself in the third person.



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