Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Welcome DL Students!

by Amber

Woo-hoo! I am not alone anymore! Stub hall has finally been filled with LIFE again at the return of the Distance Learners~ WELCOME! Kevin and I hung out with a few of them tonight as we watched the season finale of GLEE! It's good to see that people gather 'round for the music of Journey at any age! I'm not gonna lie though: talking the DMin students really got me thinking about more school---no, I cannot believe I just said that. A DMin in Biblical Preaching, now that sounds like fun! With the preaching fellowship next year, I'll be getting started on a thesis topic I am deeply interested in learning, reading, and exploring.

How admirable for those DMin students (and others) to take 3 weeks each summer to come to Luther, dive into a few classes and work toward their degree. Not only are they leaving their congregations, but their families and homes to roam the halls of Stub Hall. We are glad you're here! Enjoy your stay!


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