Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Andy Root BlogTalkRadio: "Will Death Ever Fall in Love?"

by Tim K. Snyder

Yesterday I sat down with Prof. Andy Root (assoc. professor of youth & family ministry, Luther Seminary) and we talked about his newest book The Promise of Despair. In this radio show we talk about his chapter titled "Will Death Ever Fall in Love?" Our conversation centers around this question posed by Anyd's over-reflective (but brilliant) 3 year-old and unfolds to say that God is found alongside death in its full range of expression: losing love, losing jobs, depression, despair....and yes the grave too. In this episode I share a bit of my own personal experience of losing love and hardly believing that God met me in that place. We also geek out on Trinitarian theology and dream of a church where the only requirement to join is a liturgical litany of admitting that you don't have you shit together.

So...if you're willing to listen in to such a vulnerable and honest conversation...check it out.


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