Friday, January 22, 2010

because sometimes I over romanticize things...

by Tim K. Snyder

A few years ago I was taking my first photography class...a darkroom class at the Southwest School of Art & Craft. It was a spiritual experience for me in many ways. I found it contemplative and healing to slow myself down and take more careful notice of what is all around. I was using my grandfather's camera — there's something about a boy and his grandpa's camera. That summer I attempted to do a series on the way small town Texas refuses to change. When I finally got to do peer review my work was called "romantic." "What! really?" I was trying to show the ridiculousness of it all and I ended up with "romantic." But its true, you see. I do romanticize my own lens through which I  see the world. I'm an enthusiast to the core and I can not help over compensating. These shots are intentional. They are my confession of the way I've over romanticized this experience of the Holy Land. Because its a paradox of a place...filled with both deep awe and painful conflict.

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Anonymous Karishma said...

i used to shout out from the rooftops: i'm a hopeless romantic and there ain't no shame to it. but over the years i've lost that sense of enthusiasm and hope. i've grown into a cynic. i've lost my romantic side. thank you for reminding me that somewhere deep down inside it still lives. :)

1/22/2010 04:24:00 PM  

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