Sunday, January 17, 2010

hyper real--brad paisley

by Amber

In our senior preaching class this fall, Andy Root came as a guest speaker one Friday afternoon and talked about the hyper-real. I had the most interesting hyper-real experience last night. Kevin got Miranda Lambert/Brad Paisley tickets at the Excel, and I lived in the hyper-real the entire evening. My guess is that Brad is an evangelist, because he's a mega story teller! Of course, country music in itself is about as story-telling as you can get, but Brad went above and beyond with jumbo screens to tell the stories in pictures. Interesting given the proposal I just submitted is based on the same concept! I can remember the storyline of almost every song (I had only heard about 4 of them before going to the concert) because Brad used animation, pictures, and video to tell stories, use the internet, play guitar hero, remember the lost, underwater fishing, & dirt track racing. Check out this video for evidence.


Anonymous amy said...

Is this the song he dedicated to me?? I am glad you had a good time!!

2/04/2010 01:04:00 PM  

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