Friday, January 15, 2010

Arguing With Inanimate Objects

by Scott Dalen

Where to start?

In the beginning, the world was new, and it really was. Words of wisdom from my high school social studies teacher. They have stuck with me.

But let's not go that far back. After all, we are seminarians. I think we are all familiar with Genesis 1, so we will skip ahead aways.

Yesterday morning was class, which is a wonderful thing. Additionally wonderful was the fact that I actually managed to get some sleep. 7 hours...A-MAZING (and yes, I mean that to have the pause in it...go with me on this one).

I spent about the first hour of my day (post the morning shower ritual anyway) practicing the chanting from the ELW. I had to do the chanting this afternoon so I wanted to go through and try to familiarize myself with the words. I'll admit that being unfamiliar with it...I rocked the LBW growing up and my church has not made the switch.

After that was done, I dug into the first of three articles that I needed to read for RTA for this morning. My goal being to have all three read before afternoon class...more on that in a sec.

Side note..."BEHOLD..the power of Google." We were just talking about finding stats from the tsunami to compare them to the earthquake in Haiti. Not to make light of either plight. Certainly our prayers are with the people there. Mostly I just wanted to highlight why I was thinking of Google at this particular moment.

Another side note...a class mate just made it from our classroom in the building on one side of campus to our dorm on the other side of campus and back again in 6 minutes. I complimented her and she responded "It was a little slow...the ice slows me down."

Wow...all I'm gonna say. You go Bridgett, you are a runner in every way that I am admittedly not.

Coming back to the reflection, after finishing reading my first article, we headed over to chapel, and speaking of chapel, I need to back up a day in reflection. Wednesday morning's chapel had a humorous moment. At one point, Mary Hinkle Shore asked the people in the congregation to slide in away from the aisles to allow for more room. I happened to be sitting in a spot that didn't need to move and additionally I had a very good view of the main portion of the congregation.

The movement of the crowd (standing, sliding in, sitting down) put me in mind of the Red Sea falling back over the Egyptians. "Pharoah is coming!!! What do we do?" Well, just ask Mary to have the sea slide in...that'll take care of it.

After chapel, I buried myself back into my room to finish up my last two readings that I had to get done before class this morning. My family was coming up last night, and I didn't want to have to work on homework while they were here. Timing was perfect as I finished up right as I heard the crowd starting to shut their doors to head across for Music class.

Now, music class itself was interesting. We heard a few quotes from our professor regarding acoustics within churches. Apparently it would be best if the congregation came to church naked. Additionally, it seems that microphones are the symbol of destruction...acoustically speaking anyway.

I was very ready for class to get done at 4pm. I received a text from my wife at 3:30 which said two words...we're here.

Cue the heavenly family was here.

After class I went flying out of the room and across to Stub pretty quick and found them in the 1st floor lounge. I walked in and my 3 year old daughter saw me.

"Hi Daddy."

Let me tell you how great of a sound that is.

After many hugs, my wife said that she was in the mood for some coffee, so we walked across campus to Dunn Brothers...ironically my first foray to the home of freshly brewed goodness since I've been back on campus as well.

We were there for a little while and then walked back to Stub for join in on a communal cohort-2 meal. It was tasty. The conversation was wonderful.

After supper was done, we loaded up in the van and headed down south a little ways to a hotel by the airport that we had booked. The purpose being that the family was flying out to Washington this morning to visit my wife's sister for a long weekend. So we spent the night in the hotel, got up early and I buzzed them to the airport. According to my wife, all went well with the flight and they arrived without incident about noon today...Good deal.

On the other hand, I got in an argument with Garmin...the gps. If you have one, you know what I'm talking about. Seriously, she can be annoying if you have a pretty good idea of where you are going and she doesn't want you to go that way.

She...listen to me, I'm speaking of a small computer screen like it is a real person. Although "she" certainly has the personality of a stuck up know it least when it comes to directions.

As I left the airport, I was following along a route that I've been on before. As I drove, I noticed the very south end of Snelling Avenue. Instantly my brain went "BINGO...Snelling of course connects with Como." Score one...I flipped on the blinker and around the corner I went. It wasn't long before I heard.

Recalculating...Recalculating. It was really snide too.

Well anyways, I did my best to get along with Garmin for the next few minutes, at least until I passed Highway 94. When I failed to turn I heard from her again. I swear I heard that little tick sound know the one...the "I can't believe you messed up again" tick.

This time it was "In 500 feet, make a U-turn." I didn't. Then it was "As soon as possible, make a U-turn." Then it became "MAKE A U-TURN, MAKE A U-TURN."


Okay, I admit it, I don't speak German...I don't know where that last part came from.

Anyways, finally I just shut the gps off because I knew where I was and I knew where I was going. Sure enough, I arrived back at the seminary in fine fashion. I even found a parking spot right in front of Stub. Except that I couldn't get turned sharp enough to get into it...and that made a grounds keeper in a cart laugh.

Glad I could brighten his morning.

More class this morning, followed up by some practicing of Pastoral chanting. Let it never be said that chanting is easy. But fortunately I passed my test. That's good. One part of Church and Music down. Too bad I can't say the same for my paper.

But now I find myself in the library...ready to get up to my elbows in Tertullian.

Stacks here I come.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The GPS voice you are referring to is "Jill". Her annoying voice "recalculating" has caused a significant amount of road rage when my parents visit Lincoln. I know my way around. Thank you. On another note, speaking of Genesis, our celebration choir did a piece called, the Creation last Easter. Think scripture rolled into "the Age of Aquarius". Search it on YouTube it has to be there. BL

1/15/2010 05:01:00 PM  

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