Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Wall

by Tim K. Snyder

Prof. Simpson spoke earlier this week about MLK and his 3-fold scheme for enemies: the opponent, the enemy within and the enemy of the system of oppression. This is the wall. The wall is in some ways all three. It creates division that clearly constitutes an undeniable "us vs. them" framework. For each side, the other is the opponent. This is the wall. Standing there next to it made obvious the walls I conveniently erect in my own heart to avoid engaging the realites in which I actively participate in a government that funds this wall. This is the wall. And obviously it represents a systemic condition of oppression for the Palestinian people who live in cities under seige. The two sides of the wall look very differently. This is the Palestinian side. The otherside is built to appear only a few feet tall with pleasant greenery and beautiful displays of landscapes — advertisements for the Ministry of Tourism. But I won't even photograph that side to give the illusion that a balanced presentation is due. This is the wall.

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