Monday, January 18, 2010

An Over Rattled Brain and Accommodating Locals

by Scott Dalen

I am going to begin with a disclaimer. I'm feeling a lack of creativity at the moment. Now, you may be asking yourself why exactly creativity is necessary when blogging about real life activities. Well, let me be the first to say that it is VITAL!!!

For instance...would you be interested if I wrote something like:

got up, took shower, ate breakfast, read for awhile, spent 8 hours writing a paper.

See, pretty boring right...It is my role to jazz it up, at least a touch.

The one thing about what I already said though...Saturday...8 hours writing the paper...oh yah...that happened. IT HAPPENED!!!!!

Actually, to be perfectly honest, the vast majority of the weekend has entailed us cramming in one way or another. Cohort 2 has had a LOT of homework and we've pretty much been rockin it every waking moment. Or at least until supper time...then everything changes.

Friday was Rick's birthday...Rick is sitting right next to me...say hi Rick....he just said hi.

But it being Rick's birthday, he got to pick our supper location. His choice...Mexican so we headed off campus to La Casita...tasty and good. There was a fountain right in the restaurant. I tried to flip a coin into the top level....I was not successful.

Saturday night we set things up for a Manning's run with Mary Hinkle Shore. Having completed her preaching last week, she was up for a bit of socializing. So about 8 of us headed that way and met Mary and her husband. Fun times ensued...and burgers....oh yes there were burgers...big jumbo burgers.

Sunday was really more of the same, with one exception. Late afternoon, fellow cohorter Lisa...she of the "When Harry Met Sally" quote from a week ago...arrived back on campus (after having gone home for the weekend) along with her three boys.

Wow...all I'm gonna say. They are 6, 4, and 2. You do the math...and remember that the combined ages multiplied by 1000 (divided by pi) is inversely proportional to the decibel level that they produced.

Roughly translated. Crazy kids...but in a good way. The middle one in particular seemed to enjoy jumping on me...then grabbing my head and shaking it around. Needless to say, the kids were a big hit in our communal meal Sunday night.

The big news...or at least the freshest in my recently-4-year-old-rattled today. Late morning, 5 of us headed to Java Train for some alternate study surroundings. This is most pertinent for Sarah who spent about 95% of the weekend studying on her bed...literally, I think you can count the number of times her feet hit the floor on one hand...just don't tell her I said that...she's in striking distance and is a hockey mom...seriously...I fear for my life.

But I digress.

The interesting part of Java Train was that the 5 of us were all reading the same book for our music class. We were sitting around a table...all of us with our noses buried in our books when we caught the attention of the lady sitting at the next table. She began to inquire about what we were doing, even going as far as to say "The energy of that table is very studious."

If we were presenting that much intellectual activity...I think that should automatically getting passing grades for Church and Music...think the professor will agree?

I had to leave after a little while to get the van back to the airport for my family, who was flying back in from the Washington DC area. When I saw them at the airport, my 6 year old son made a comment based on the fact that they had gorgeous weather out east.

"Dad, when we got on the plane, I asked God to take away all the snow for ever and ever."

I could certainly live with that.

After I got them on the road towards home, I got picked up at the airport by one of my fellow coffee shoppers, and we headed back that way. On the way, we swung into Exact Eye care as her nose pad kept falling off her glasses...something I've been laughing about for the last three days. The guy behind the counter fixed them for her...and without even having to bat her eyelashes at him, he said "here you go, no charge."

Impressive, most impressive...Though the fact that she had dropped that she is from out of town might have helped...he also said "Welcome to Minnesota, enjoy your stay."

Very accommodating Mr Exact Eye Care guy.

Does anyone else feel one of those "real men of genius" songs coming on? Or is it just me?


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