Friday, January 22, 2010

rent a cello

by Amber

Have you ever considered renting an instrument that you've always wanted to play? Most people don't even know you can do such a thing. A few weeks ago, Kevin decided to rent a cello. Which, if it's your first instrument, pick a cello. Unlike a guitar, you can't play a wrong note! Instant gratification! Anyway, Kevin rented it, I've been playing it. I kinda stole it from him! With J-term at hand, and lots of free time, I spend sometimes an hour or two a day playing it and driving all the guests in Stub completely nutso! I have been playing my way through the ELW, and not to sound too full of myself, but I am actually picking it up! I hope to play in chapel at least once this spring. That's my goal. My mom was up for the night last night and I gave her a chance to play it (and heard the story that she actually played violin in middle school until the teacher told her she was terrible--what kind of teacher was he?), anyway, she got on it and tried creating vibrato (by moving your hand up and down while pressing the string), much harder than it looks as you are sliding the bow side to side and trying to move your hand up and down. It's a 'coordinational' nightmare! Here's a clip of her in action! :)


Anonymous amy said...

SHE IS GOOD!! you let her know that I am very impressed!!!!

2/04/2010 01:02:00 PM  

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