Thursday, January 21, 2010


by Scott Dalen

It has been an interesting few days. Since my last post on Monday...week 2 has set in...hard.

Our professor for Church and Music recognized this today and commented on it today. "You guys have two classes right? Are your brains just mush?"

He also commented that after a certain amount of time of cramming (which sounds strangely a lot like an intensive) you become a train wreck.

He was not saying this to be detrimental towards our self esteem. Far from it...he was empathizing with us.

Hallelujah...a Prof who understands....there is goodness in the kingdom...and the peasants are rejoicing.

Speaking of this professor, he is really great. Professor Paul Westermeyer (and hopefully he doesn't mind me calling him by name) has had us all laughing hysterically the past few days.

Some little snippets:
Why do so many Lutheran pastors break the bread during the words of institution? Because they are Calvinists.
There is not a dingle dangle that you can do to get into the presence of God.

We've been rolling. It's been quite refreshing.

Oh...and one more...BOLONGA!!!! He likes that one too.

But coming back to task now...we have hit the wall. I think we all have...we just can't cram anything more in right now...which doesn't bode well considering the midterm exam that we have in the morning....insert the proper plea for help here.

In response to that, last night several of us decided it was time to put homework aside and have a little fun. About 10 of us headed downtown to a piano bar and enjoyed front row seats to a wonderful array of 80's music. Talk about feeling a literal unwinding of tension. As we sat there singing along with the musicians, the spirits went higher and higher. For me personally, it culminated with a little J Giels Band...though their rendition of Charlie Daniels "Devil Went Down to Georgia" was pretty amazing as well.

It got to be a late night for us, but considering that we didn't have class this morning, it was okay. Personally, I think it was worthwhile just to look around the table and see smiles and laughter. That's a welcome switch from tired and stress...and I'm certainly including myself in that one. I looked in a mirror at one point through the evening, and there was a smiley Scott looking back at me.

After nearly two weeks of getting hammered with a mental sandblaster...seeing that is good chicken..


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