Thursday, November 19, 2009

city spotlight // the music scene

by Tim K. Snyder

Luther Seminary is located virtually in between the Twin Cities and so there are incredible opportunities to see the cities. Matter of fact, its kind of weird to do this seminary thing without getting out into the city that defines so much of the culture surrounding us. Let's be honest, seminaries are bubbles and we need to break out. My suggestion to you: dive into the local music scene...

There's a rich history and a vibrant active music scene right here in the Twin Cities. I can't even begin to cover enough ground in a blog post and still maintain the mini-skirt rule (long enough to cover the material, short enough to keep it interesting). But here's two groups you should check out and one incredible club.

Meet My Friend Heatherlyn...

a singer-songwriter and a passionate advocate for social justice. Heatherlyn's music is acoustic folk with stunning vocals often paired with hand drum goodness and luscious cello. Her debut album is a fantastic intro to her work, passion and style. Visit her at
// word on the street (not public yet) is that Heatherlyn will be on campus for a special house concert in December.

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MUST SEE: We Are The Willows

I regularly worship with the good folks at House of Mercy (btw, you should come...its not that bad) and every Sunday we have artists from the community. Its always incredible stuff. This past Sunday was particularly good -- We Are the Willows. With roots in the Eau Claire music scene, Peter Miller is an inde rock artist who's textured sounds will do wonders for your soul. So dive in: // two CD Release shows this weekend!

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GO! to The Dakota!

It doesn't really matter if you like jazz or not, The Dakota Jazz Club is infamous and the music there is always so good that you'll be converted. It's cool, just think of it as reverse musical evangelism. Yeah, you know like you're getting evangelized into coolness while there. Serious, my friend Dave Hahn (a PhD student here at Luther) and I have been twice now and seen two of the best jazz acts in the counry: Marcus Roberts Trio and Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Sure you'll spend a little bit more than a Blockbuster night but its special experience so get dressed up, grab friends and enjoy -- I promise, you'll love it.


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