Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Micro Date

by Scott Dalen

During the school year, we tend to have a Wednesday evening ritual at my house. Have supper together, then the kids get their baths early and then we take them down the street to my in-law's house. They spend the evening there while my wife and I are both busy with church night activities.

That's the normal gig. Last night was just a touch different.

We still planned on having the kids head down to their house, but the in-laws had plans to go get groceries in the late afternoon. They said that was fine, but that they'd just take the kids along with them to the store.

I still sitting at work at about 4:15 when I got a text from my wife. It simply said "We are without kids."

Nice. I guess they decide to leave for the store really early.

Neither of us needed to be to the church until about 6:30, so we thought we would take advantage and have a little date night. Maybe it would be better for me to call it a micro-date as we were only out and about for a little over an hour. But it was still nice.

We ended up going to a nice restaurant in the area. Usually when we end up there we have a little wine and enjoy ourselves for awhile, but with church activities we both thought that it would be better to refrain from that. But the food was good, the conversation was nice, and we didn't have to put up with two crazy, easily distracted kids. Always a nice thing.

After that, it was on to church like normal, but hey, a date is a date right?


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