Saturday, November 14, 2009

GMI's Global Agape Fest

by Harvey

Weekend in progress, so far so good. There has been a lot of excitement in the soccer world today. I took a brief look at the games taking place in Africa, there was a great deal of activity. My national team was walloped again. Not that I expected them to win, but it is just frustrating that they keep on losing.

However, the highlight so far has been the Global Agape Fest, a dinner festival hosted by the Global Mission Institute at the Northwestern Atrium. Once again, this was a great opportunity to catch up with most of the international students. There was some good singing, clapping and even a little dancing. The music was Hispanic. For the African students, soccer talk would naturally take the lead, news from Manchester United down to the England-Brazil and Kenya-Nigeria matches taking place today. I also learned that a spouse of one of the international students has just been diagnosed with cancer, thank God, in its very early stages. (I cant mention the name here, but if you pray, God will know who you are praying for).

I had a chance to share tables with the Dean of Students, Patricia Lull. Following a brief exchange with the students living in House 18, and after being joined by William Obaga, an observation from one of us was made that "this agape fest has the largest number of children than any of the recent years." Indeed, children from all over the world were in attendance. We all agreed with Dean Lull in the faith for job security, when these childrens' generation comes to the seminary in 25 years. This is hopeful. A generation of global future seminarians is here with us!


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