Monday, November 16, 2009

MIA (NOT missing in action)

by Amber

Have you had a chance to go to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts? My Exercises in Biblical Theology class took a field trip there this weekend and had a chance to see Professor Sarah Heinrich at work at the museum. I was there with my sister and two nieces. (The youngest one was 2, so she was far from attentive as we made our way through the museum). I didn't get to hear everything Sarah said, but enjoyed seeing the museum through the eyes of my 5 year old niece who saw things we missed. She was intrigued by a stone floor room in the Chinese exhibit. She said it was a place to hide from other people. She learned what a "statue" was. When we were at the Mall of America on Sunday, she pointed out the "statues" of farm animals on the kiddie roller coaster. Too cute! She likes to take pictures (just like her Auntie), so my sister gave up her camera and let her document the trip. I can't wait to see what she saw. Lots of awesome art lives in the twin cities. I bet Sarah would be glad to lead another tour for Luther Students, so get a group together and let her know when you want to go! Enjoy art!


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